I am inspired by abstract expressive imagery in art and by the natural world we are all immersed in. These inspirations affect how I make my work and the materials I use. I lay out compositions making marks to create gesture and motion, draw lines on canvas as if they are woven to make fissured edges, and continue to develop a tension-filled visual language. Color has been and continues to be a central element in much of my art. I love the challenge of combining colors to make new form, textures, and patterns in a composition that may seem unusual or different, making imagery an artist friend recently described as “looking through a microscope for the first time, that awe of seeing life magnified.” Process is important to me, experimenting with cloth, paint, paper, photos, gel medium and modeling paste.  While difficult to predict, at some point in the process of making I experience a visceral response to the work that serves as a form of affirmation to embrace what is unfolding. I do hope my work attracts those curious to take a closer look and to enjoy the moment using their own creative processes and imaginative ways of seeing the art.

New Works